The Wynkcoombe Arboretum
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Gary Walker says
After visiting my friend’s childhood home on the edge of the arboretum, we walked the dogs around this wonderful gem and being a tree enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed identifying the many different genus and species. The QR codes made it a educational treat and I was so pleased to have identified all but a few species whilst they were barely in leaf. We will look forward to our next visit in May when the arboretum is in full leaf. We met Nicholas on our travels too and had a nice chat with him and he very kindly offered me a self seeded sapling of my favourite tree shrub which I shall collect after we have had some rain. Thankyou for a lovely afternoon at this wonderful gem. X
Rupert Finch Hatton says
What a fascinating walk through your arboretum today, thank you.
Bernie says
I stumbled across your arboretum, whilst going for a walk with my mother from Wisborough Green. We very much enjoyed scaning the QR codes and learning about some of the trees. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful area you have created. We look forward to returning again soon to explore in more depth.
Darryll benson says
I am fortunate to live close by and walk with my dog most days, the trees are some of the best to be seen all year round .
Orlando sm says
i love your garden-injoy
Fittleworth neighbours says
Thank you for such an amazing effort - it is a wonderful place. We just discovered how to work the QPR and were marvelling over the Woolumi - spectacular effort
Lesley & Darryll Benson says
This is such a beautiful place all year round we love it. And the QR reader is amazing. We have told so many people to visit. Do you have a volunteers day? Thank you so much for providing this little haven.
The family Dickenson says
What a wonderful thing it is to walk through the wood on any given day and identify the splendid trees. Thank you very much.
Lulu and Eduardo says
What a marvellous treat to visit this beautiful place! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to keeping something very special to share with us all to enjoy.
Nicholas Ayres says
We live nearby and so are able to enjoy this wonderful collection of trees throughout the year. The QR scanner facility is much appreciated.
Graham Martin says
We frequently walk through the arboretum and enjoy the wide variety of not just common but a wide range of unusual and rarely seen trees.
Benjamin says
I live in Australia, but I make sure to visit the Aboretum every time I travel to England. It is one of favourite places in the world. Certainly worth a trip to England!
Hugo Egleston says
I visited for the first time yesterday. What a wonderful collection. So many very rare and beautiful plants growing so well. The website is superb, full of unique information and insight . Many thanks and I will be back. Hugo Egleston, Lasham, Hants.
Gareth Nunes says
I am a Head Gardener of a property nearby and have been visiting to the arboretum for 14 years. This new interactive way of exploring the wonderful treasure trove of trees in the arboretum is absolutely fantastic!! It's a great way to educate and preserve the knowledge of this lovely public open space for generations to come. It's a labour of love that needs to be preserved! Well done and most of all THANK YOU!!!!
Christine says
What a great initiative - I'm always stunned by the variety of trees in this gorgeous wood! Now I can look up what they all are.