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Phil says
We have been walking our dog in Stopham woods for a couple of years. For the first time, we thought we would cross the A272 to see what was beyond! Winter's not the best time to see an Arboretum, but we enjoyed scanning the QR codes for tree information and the interactive map. We will be back as the seasons unfold. Thank you so much for making the area open to the public, and for creating a great web site resource to go with it.
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to post a comment concerning your adventure crossing what is actually the A283, and for subsequently pointing out the error. We always enjoy hearing from new visitors, enjoy your walks as the seasons unfold.
Roz Denny says
We lived in Knoll House for about 6 years and our back gate opened into those wonderful woods. I miss it so much. My little grandson (3yrs old then) posed next to one of the Wollimei trees . He’s 12 now and still remembers the trees, so much so he gave one to his Grandpa inStaffordshire and it’s started to grow well.
Our reply:
Thank you for sharing this. We would love to see a picture of the Wollemei and hear how it is growing.
John Kington says
We stumbled across the arboretum today, having lived in the area for 6 years. A short walk with the dog turned into a 2-hour wander through the most amazing trees. The QR codes opened up a fabulous wealth of information and we especially enjoyed the anecdotes about individual specimens. Now we’ve discovered this gem, we’ll be visiting regularly, with the aim of undertaking all the trails. Thank you for making this such a wonderful public space.
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment. says
the best website
Our reply:
thank you
Hugo Egleston says
What appears to be a typical Sussex wood as one travels the road to Pulborough, is, a few steps in, another magical world with plants unknown outside Cornwall or the Mediterranean growing happily. We were lucky and very grateful to have been shown round by Nicholas Smith, its creator, and Sami, who helped create the website [ a superb and invaluable resource to any student of trees and nature ] and the QR codes. It is very generous to allow the public free access to this precious place and the website.
Our reply:
Thank you for your kind words. We hope you will be visiting again shortly.
Nicholas Day says
I was overwhelmed by the wonders of your arboretum, I’m often frustrated about the lack of nameplates on specimen trees and in honesty I was somewhat circumspect about the ‘QR’ code, (I’m an old fuddy duddy) but what a wealth of information it opened up. I’ve been to arboretums where I’ve paid a lot of money and been disappointed, yours was a wondrous experience, sympathetically managed, brilliantly curated
Our reply:
Thank you for your generous comments. We are in the process of replacing tags that have been nibbled by squirrels or the trees have outgrown, so there may have been some missing. If you are interested in keeping in touch we have a page on Instagram - wynkcoombearboretum. We also have a website
Sabine Hoysted says
I have just heard about the gem of the Wynkcoombe Arboretum, But missed exploring it so far. How does one do so as it is a private property? Please , let me know on 07775 785 199 Merci beaucoup.
Our reply:
95% of the Arboretum is open to the public 365 days a year for free. You can park at the Village shop and have a coffee and walk up from there. Alternatively you can park in Sandy Lane which provides access without a long walk. For visits to the private gardens please make contact with us through the Contact Us page on the website.
Steve & Ann Lane says
We walked over the hill last week without knowing there were treasures in store! Having sought information online about the specimen trees and found some of the history we returned today, On our exploratory ramble we were extremely privileged to encounter and chat to the founder of the arboretum. Thank you for the insights - we will be returning through the seasons to witness the changes.
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment.
John Rogers says
What a hidden gem! I absolutely loved it. So interesting and the QR Coding made the experience even more rewarding. Love to meet ‘the man’ one day. Thank you. Best wishes and don’t stop what your doing!! John
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment John. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your time in the Arboretum. Nicholas opens his private garden for the Annual Fittleworth Garden Trail. He is also in the Arboretum on a daily basis tending to the bracken and checking on new plantings. If you would like to organise to have a walk and talk I am sure we can do that. Feel free to message me on the contact us page, located at the drop down Menu.
Gary Walker says
After visiting my friend’s childhood home on the edge of the arboretum, we walked the dogs around this wonderful gem and being a tree enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed identifying the many different genus and species. The QR codes made it a educational treat and I was so pleased to have identified all but a few species whilst they were barely in leaf. We will look forward to our next visit in May when the arboretum is in full leaf. We met Nicholas on our travels too and had a nice chat with him and he very kindly offered me a self seeded sapling of my favourite tree shrub which I shall collect after we have had some rain. Thankyou for a lovely afternoon at this wonderful gem. X
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment Gary. It is wonderful to hear that the arboretum is being enjoyed and we especially love it when it is discovered for the first time. We look forward to welcoming you back in May. In the meantime do enjoy the website and have a peek at the gallery.
Rupert Finch Hatton says
What a fascinating walk through your arboretum today, thank you.
Our reply:
Thank you Rupert. We are pleased that you enjoyed the arboretum.
Bernie says
I stumbled across your arboretum, whilst going for a walk with my mother from Wisborough Green. We very much enjoyed scaning the QR codes and learning about some of the trees. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful area you have created. We look forward to returning again soon to explore in more depth.
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment. It is lovely to know that we provided an enjoyable walk for you and your mother. You may find it useful to know that we have a trails section on our website where we have mapped out some walks with some trees of interest.
Darryll benson says
I am fortunate to live close by and walk with my dog most days, the trees are some of the best to be seen all year round .
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment. We are very fortunate that we are able to share the arboretum with our wonderful neighbours. It is a special place for us all and our 4 legged friends.
Orlando sm says
i love your garden-injoy
Our reply:
Thank you for commenting. We are very pleased you enjoy our garden. We hope you continue to have fun exploring and learning about our trees.
Fittleworth neighbours says
Thank you for such an amazing effort - it is a wonderful place. We just discovered how to work the QPR and were marvelling over the Woolumi - spectacular effort
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment. The prehistoric Wollemi Pine is one of our favourites. It has been subject to many documentaries. A recent one in 2020 when is was saved by firefighters from Australias bushfires. We hope you continue to explore the arboretum and our website.
Lesley & Darryll Benson says
This is such a beautiful place all year round we love it. And the QR reader is amazing. We have told so many people to visit. Do you have a volunteers day? Thank you so much for providing this little haven.
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment. It is lovely to hear you are enjoying the QR codes on the trees and the website. We do not currently have a volunteers day. We hope you continue to enjoy our little haven.
The family Dickenson says
What a wonderful thing it is to walk through the wood on any given day and identify the splendid trees. Thank you very much.
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time too comment. We are thrilled your family are enjoying the arboretum.
Lulu and Eduardo says
What a marvellous treat to visit this beautiful place! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to keeping something very special to share with us all to enjoy.
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment. We hope you are still enjoying the arboretum and the website.
Nicholas Ayres says
We live nearby and so are able to enjoy this wonderful collection of trees throughout the year. The QR scanner facility is much appreciated.
Our reply:
Thank you Nicholas. We are so pleased you are enjoying of the QR codes.
Graham Martin says
We frequently walk through the arboretum and enjoy the wide variety of not just common but a wide range of unusual and rarely seen trees.
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment Graham. It is lovely to hear you are enjoying the arboretum.
Benjamin says
I live in Australia, but I make sure to visit the Aboretum every time I travel to England. It is one of favourite places in the world. Certainly worth a trip to England!
Hugo Egleston says
I visited for the first time yesterday. What a wonderful collection. So many very rare and beautiful plants growing so well. The website is superb, full of unique information and insight . Many thanks and I will be back. Hugo Egleston, Lasham, Hants.
Our reply:
Thank you for your comment Hugo. We hope you are still enjoying the website and have been back to the arboretum.
Gareth Nunes says
I am a Head Gardener of a property nearby and have been visiting to the arboretum for 14 years. This new interactive way of exploring the wonderful treasure trove of trees in the arboretum is absolutely fantastic!! It's a great way to educate and preserve the knowledge of this lovely public open space for generations to come. It's a labour of love that needs to be preserved! Well done and most of all THANK YOU!!!!
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment. We do love hearing when the arboretum is being enjoyed. I hope you are still visiting.
Christine says
What a great initiative - I'm always stunned by the variety of trees in this gorgeous wood! Now I can look up what they all are.
Our reply:
Thank you for taking the time to comment. We hope you are still enjoying the arboretum and the website.