The Wynkcoombe Arboretum
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Welcome to the Wynkcoombe Arboretum Welcome to the Wynkcoombe Arboretum, located in Fittleworth, West Sussex.
The Arboretum was the concept of Nicholas Smith of Wyncombe Hill, who has planted and tended every tree since its inception.
The first plants went into the ground in the mid 1970s and planting has continued steadily ever since.
The plants have been grown from seed collected by NWS from other arboreta; bought from specialist nurseries; and brought back from Asia and South America by plant hunting expeditions sponsored by NWS.
The Arboretum has over 800 trees and shrubs (of which 600 are listed on the website), including many rare species from around the world.
This website is supplemented by galleries of photographs (all taken in the Arboretum by our resident photographer). These explore the Natural History of the Arboretum in a wide range of selected categories. Access to these galleries is achievable via the menu.
The Arboretum lies on the fertile, acid, lower greensand belt that horseshoes round Sussex.
Difficult plants like Stewartias flourish if given semi-shade and tender 'Greenhouse' plants cope as cold air flows down into the Rother valley.

To learn more about a tree you are standing beside please note the following:
If you have an iPhone open your camera and hold your phone over the QR tag on the tree. You will then be taken to the relevant tree page on the Wynkcoombe Arboretum website.
If you have an Android phone then download any free QR code reader app. Open the app and hold your phone in front of the QR tag on the tree. You will then be taken to the relevant tree page on the Wynkcoombe Arboretum website.
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Hugo Egleston says
What appears to be a typical Sussex wood as one travels the road to Pulborough, is, a few steps in, another magical world with plants unknown outside Cornwall or the Mediterranean growing happily. We were lucky and very grateful to have been shown round by Nicholas Smith, its creator, and Sami, who helped create the website [ a superb and invaluable resource to any student of trees and nature ] and the QR codes. It is very generous to allow the public free access to this precious place and the website.
Nicholas Day says
I was overwhelmed by the wonders of your arboretum, I’m often frustrated about the lack of nameplates on specimen trees and in honesty I was somewhat circumspect about the ‘QR’ code, (I’m an old fuddy duddy) but what a wealth of information it opened up. I’ve been to arboretums where I’ve paid a lot of money and been disappointed, yours was a wondrous experience, sympathetically managed, brilliantly curated
Sabine Hoysted says
I have just heard about the gem of the Wynkcoombe Arboretum, But missed exploring it so far. How does one do so as it is a private property? Please , let me know on 07775 785 199 Merci beaucoup.
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